Sunday, June 2, 2013

Church talk...

<p dir="ltr">Been a pretty lazy day. Did go to Lebanon for church, which was nice. In Sunday school today we talked about hope vs. Wishing and it got me thinking. I believe that the worst times in a person's life have to do with loss. I was thinking about control and there is only so much a person is truly in control of. For me.. Loss and sickness of loved ones have been the worst valley lows. I'm not a person that is too hung up on anything other than love and relationships so I guess that makes sense. <br>
Another thing, Daves message today was about the people in your life that have been your inspiration... Honestly I think so many people have inspired so many different things from me. My mom has a heart of gold and I have taken that piece from her, but everyone I know and have known have made me who I am today. I learn from people daily, and I am thankful for that. Also we talked about righteousness and how some people walk with God. I think there is a fine line between being really a righteous and spiritual person and believing you are better than others. I  think often times Christians fall into a believe that because they believe a certain way they are better than others. Yup that bugs me. I say we just love each other and treat everyone the way we want to be treated..

Okay enough.. Millions and infinity

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