Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tommy - this one is for you

Okay - it's lunch time, and I'm sitting here at my desk with some other things to do, but I decided that since you mentioned that I don't blog much..I'd write this one to you, or start it out to you and then make it into something different.

Since I have anything planned to say in this blog, this one really is mostly for you.  I know how you like my random ramblings. You ever have those days where it seems like you're watching it or observing it?  Yeah, well that has been my day so far.  Nothing seems like it's actually touching me or affecting me.  Probably too little sleep last night.

I know I was texting on my way in here this morning (speak text peeps), but for some reason the drive seemed a lot shorter than normal, and I think I made it in less than an hour again.  I think it's amazing how sometimes, I can preoccupy myself so much that I don't even really remember the drive.

This weekend is the Teen Play -All I ever wanted to know I learned in Kindergarten - This one is at the storefront on Friday night and Saturday @ 7pm.  Come watch it with me.  I'll be there both nights.  Pre-order tickets www.littleblackboxtheatrecompany.com

The two weekends after that (19th,20th,21st,26th,27th and 28th) is Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the Milk Building.  I am totally excited for all of this.  Although, it does make a very trying three weeks, and by the end of it...I'm gonna be totally spent for a few days.

I have also posted classes for the next sessions online - www.littleblackboxtheatrecompany.com

Have you ever analyzed how you make decisions?  That's what class I'm in right now, and I have to say...I am learning a little about myself.  I am probably not willing to change too much, but I do find it intriguing.  I tend to make decisions on a whim a lot, with not so much data to back me up.  I knew this, but reading about why and what bias' led me here..kinda cool.

Okay - that's all I have for today - but I did promise Tommy a blog a day..so. . . . I'll do my best.

Love you all.  

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