Sunday, April 21, 2013

shows and books and music and stuff . . .

My boy was awesome along with the other 30 kids in the Beauty and the Beast show this weekend.  I expect next weekend will be just as wonderful.  Thanks to all of our wonderful parents and my lovely friends for all the help.  Thanks to everyone who even well wished this weekend for us.  I feel like about half the stress has been lifted, and it's awesome that we're getting a few nights off.

started watching Game of Thrones - Not sure how I'm feeling about it yet.  I guess it's decent enough, just not sure why it got so much hype.  I will say that I'm enjoying the first season much more than I did Dr. Who's first season.  I know, I can I be a nerd, if I don't get into these shows.  I'll tell you, I'm not so sure that I am a true nerd sometimes.  I enjoy outside and people way too much to get too interested in some of these things.  Now, hand me a device....and that is a whole different story.  Zach did tell me about the year of Luigi which did kinda excite me.  I do love me some Mario Brothers, really only when playing with the kids though, cuz it's the ONLY game I can beat them at.  (I can still beat Zach at chess right now, too.  Prolly not for long tho)

So, on my long trip to and fro work, I either listen to music, or often times, books to pass the time.  I have been listening to The Wise Man's Fear.  This book is the second in the Kingkiller Chronicles and it's over 40 hours long.  I'm about half way through this one, and I have recently felt like it is a little too long.  The book is by Patrick Rothfuss, and was recommended by a friend.  These books are fabulous if you have a LOT of time on your hands.  I feel like I would be doing an injustice if I tried to explain what the books are about, so . . .I will tell you that Kvothe is the main character and he gives a story of his life.  Rothfuss is a fantastic story teller, but these books are crazy long.  

I've been blogging about songs lately too, and so..I was trying to think of another favorite that might fit the way I feel tonight.  I got it. . . .one of the many of my favorites is by Andy Grammar - and yes I love love love Andy Grammar - There was a day - not too long ago, that was a VERY bad day for me, and when I got in the car with the tears running down my face, this song came on, and my frown literally turned upside down. " Only rainbows after rain. The sun will always come again. And its a circle, circling, Around again, it comes around again" - if you have never heard this song - or shit any of Andy Grammar's songs, and maybe you have had a sad day - I say give it a try. The music is nice and light and fun.  "Love, Love, Love" is also a really good song.  

Okay - this was a long one.  Thinking of you though.  
'Til Tomorrow Sweet Princes and Princesses.

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