Friday, April 26, 2013


How can a person not love a day like today?  Even when things around you seem inconvenient and weird, all you have to do is breathe in the clean fresh spring air and look at the sky and know that tomorrow might not be as good as today.  Many times in my life I have went through trials and sadness and loneliness.  But, through all of those things, I have had a few things on my side, like God and love and an undercoating of happiness. I can be happy almost anywhere and for almost any reason and I’m pretty grateful for that.  Spring though, springtime…it makes me over joyous at times..It makes me want to lie down in the grass and just look up at the blue sky taking in all my surroundings. 

This doesn't mean I’m completely content, but it does mean that I’m always going to be okay no matter the outcome of the day.  There are people that get really bent out of shape about what today is and how they are feeling in this moment, but I guarantee that tomorrow will bring a new set of emotions.  The one thing really cool about life is that everything is so fluid.  This can also be not so cool at times, but really how many of you look at where you are right now, and think…”I knew I’d be here”.. Dude…A theatre business (HA!) 

Some days right now I get overwhelmed by the fear of all the change going on in my life.  Sometimes I feel alone in it too, I’m not going to lie.  I have people all around me, but sometimes no one really feels there.  I know that cutting down on that drive time is gonna help with that, to all of you that have received my nightly texts and calls – thank you – I have been a little needy and I know that.  Maybe I need to add some testosterone to my diet and then I can FEEL less. ;)

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