Monday, April 29, 2013

how do I avoid stink. . .

Today’s Blog is going to be actual thoughts that I had throughout the day today. . .

How old is old?  Age is a relative thing, and most of you know how much I mean this, but really when I think of old, what does that mean?  I see people sometime that seem old to me, maybe it’s a state of being instead of a number.  I dunno..just something roaming through my head.  I was also thinking, by that definition I bet I would consider myself old.  I’m sure tired a lot, and sometimes boring, but I’m definitely not wise..

Another thought.. smell…what is the amount of time that it takes for smell to reach my nose from a spot and how do I avoid that.  I know there is speed of light and speed of sound, so how can I determine the speed of which smell travels?

Why is it that I don't have a favorite music genre?  I have a least favorite, but seriously I could listen to the Mix station in my car all day long.  I love it all.  I was trying to think of today's favorite, and I think it's "Mermaid" by Train.  such a catchy tune..

Yeah I think that is all today...


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