Monday, April 15, 2013

Whoa - Taking a minute to blog..

I did some quiet reflection today on my way in.  I thought about how beautiful the sky is and why almost every day I feel in awe of it.  I thought about flowers and people and I know this makes me seem like a huge tree huger (which i am not ashamed of), but I thought about how perfect everything really is.  Sometimes things happen that totally screw up your world, but in the end, it's still okay - everything is ALWAYS okay.  Thank God, it's always okay.

I think as I was reflecting this morning that I figured out that I want to put my Master's program on hold.  I think I miss spending time with family and friends and there is so much going on right now and Zach will be cool forever, but I feel like I'm missing out on so much of him right now.  I should be taking some time this lunch to write an annotated bibliography but doesn't anyone know how BORING that is.  It'll still be there when I decide to go back, and really it's not doing anything for me right now except making me crazier than I am.  I haven't talked to anyone about this yet, and I know a lot of people that read my blog (and a LOT more than that I don't know).  If you have reasons you think this is a bad idea for me, go ahead, comment..I figure I'll give this a few more days, and then make a well thought out decision - I might even wait until Beauty and the Beast is over to see if my sanity returns.

BTW...This blog is crazy right now.  I love you all, and can not believe the daily numbers..Sometimes lately, I have felt so lonely and maybe even a bit depressed.  It's nice to see that people care enough to read.  Thanks for that, but don't feel like you have to.  I babble sometimes, just because it makes me feel good to get it out.

Alright - Good day to all.


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Sheila Wilson said...

I know you don't need me to tell you this, but this is your place to release your thoughts. That is why this is called Jessica's thoughts. No body can take away what you are thinking. It takes a strong person to put what they are thinking out in the real world, and you are doing it. You are putting your insecurities and your worries here for everyone to read. You need support, not backlash. I support you and I love you no matter what you post on here. How can anyone be angry about what you are thinking? If you decide to take a break from your studies then I support you. I know it's hard to keep in contact because of the distance, but you know I am here for you any time you need me. Love you Jess.