Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dedication and grillin' tonight...woohoo

Yes - I am now feeling dedicated to make sure you all know again what is going on in my life.  As if most of you care..but whatever..I've said this before and I'm saying this again..This is like a diary for me, and while most people keep most thoughts private - I am NOT like most people.  I would prefer to put it out there and let you think on it, or let you think I'm crazy or really whatever you want to think is fine with me.

Went out with the girls last night - WAY late and drank some and smoked some (only cigs - no worries)- - - and well laughed a whole lot.   It was a fantastic evening and I'm sure we'll do it again as soon as our lives allow.  I say evening, but it went well into the morning..Got home and showered right away (didn't want to wear the smoke smell to bed) anyway - then my phone rang or at least that's how it felt, and mom said "going to church?"  My initial reaction was "um NO" but then I felt compelled to say "Yeah, I should do that."  So glad I did too, I love that place..I think it's great how Dave always talks to me..or covers something I've been thinking about.  I think it's awesome so many coincidences happen.  I also think it's great that he turned me onto an grillin' idea with cabbage...I'll let everyone how I liked it if it turns out.. ;)

I also think my son is so fantastic - he went on a Work day for church to raise money for his Mission trip yesterday - they cleaned and planted some garden stuff anyway - I get to the church today and someone that had been working with him said, "Did Zach show you his pockets from yesterday?"  Yes, my boy decided it would be cool to store worms in his pockets.  WORMS..I figured immediately there was a girl involved, and of course...I'm right..Showing off for a senior girl. The boy is pretty cool though..

Went to the milk building to check it all out and we had some great volunteers help move stuff over there for a few weeks.  I'm uber excited about the next two weeks, and nervous, but really excited.  go to and buy some tickets - or call me or text me or whatever and we'll get you on the presale list..(I will need the money somehow -check/cash/credit card before the show night, but the presale will still count even if you don't want to do paypal online.)

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