Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trying to see the bright side

How is it that someone can be something and nothing all at once?  Someone can mean nothing in the long scheme of things, but mean so much right at the moment.  I guess for me, it's always that there is a possibility of building lasting relationships.  I love people, but occasionally lately, a few have really gotten under my skin.    Ready for this - - - I'm letting them.  I preach it all the don't have to feel sad if you don't want don't have to feel don't have to feel can choose it.  So why is it, that I kinda feel all of these darn emotions today?  Yeah...It's not even that time of the month...

It's hard to explain how the whole feeling thing goes, but today, right now, I'm down.  I'm really down.  I don't really get down, so this is a weird one for me.  I'm sure tomorrow will be a brighter day.  Until then, I will be drowning my pains in a little what I like to call "love juice".

I love you..

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