Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Water towers. . .

Can someone explain the thought of these?  Why did we build water tanks way above the ground and pump water way up high just so that we can have it run back down again into pipes?  I'm confused as to why we wouldn't just build something underground, since that is where water is anyway.  Okay - I'm not looking for a smart ass response (Tommy/Gary), but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

Girls (yes, I am one) are emotional creatures that want to feel wanted, loved, needed and cared for.  They like to hear these things, too.  They want to know that you care and think of them when you aren't around them.  I know all women are not the same, actually I'm quite different than most probably, but Maslow's hierarchy of needs is true for all people.
I think that I probably should be more attentive to the needs of others, as well as hope that others understand what I need in return.  Sometimes I'm looking for strong arms to keep me safe and other times I just want to belong.  
I've been watching The Following and that show is over the top.  It's a wild show about a cult that are all following this convicted felon.  I'll tell you, this is why people join cults, because they didn't get what they needed from society and family.  I believe wholeheartedly that all things hinge on the love between one another.  

Anyway - off the soapbox.  back to the water tower....??? Why??? 

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Sheila Wilson said...

This is probably my favorite... hahahaha. I have no idea why water towers are built, but I see them in all different shapes and sizes so I think they might have had a purpose once upon a time but not so much anymore. I think now its just "who's water tower looks the coolest?" I saw a water tower, once, that looked like a castle. It was painted and everything!!! Maybe water towers are back systems just in case a whole town's water system goes out. This was a good though. It will keep me thinking...