Tuesday, April 30, 2013

chose my animal today . . .

So. . .I can honestly tell you that I wanted to be a turtle at one point today.  Why you ask...because I wanted to pull my head in my shell.  Sometimes it would be nice to avoid conflict, but I am quickly learning that days are filled with it right now.  I so wish everyone was more positive, and while I know that there is positive and negative in everything..the ying and yang thing...I just hope that I can rub a little positive thinking off on a few people.

Almost every argument or disagreement Gary and I have (I'd say about 72%) are about how he and Zach get along.  Wouldn't it be nice, if we NEVER argued or about anything..Raising kids is hard work, but it's also got so many high points.  I am mostly saying this, because I think there are a few people in our lives that need to hear that blending families is hard even when there is only one kid.  I can only imagine how hard it would be with a hers and his set.

Now though, Gary is making grilled chicken for dinner and veggies and I'm thinking I'm happy I'm not a turtle..I would want to be the fastest turtle anyway and maybe have a blue shell or orange.. or blue and orange..

I did have a thought about the vampire thing...Maybe I should rethink that...I have a small problem; it's kinda like the feet thing with me, and for a similar reason, I doubt I would be able to bite very many people's necks.  Only those people that I would want to hug would I ever be okay with biting.  And a few of you are thinking, well she hugs me...well yes, I would potentially bite you then, if I was a vampire and I wanted to..If you don't know about the feet thing...well...I don't want them near me..that's all.

Hope you enjoyed all this nonsense.. I'm not going to reread or fix it either, so if it is gibberish  it came out as I was thinking it..

Have I told you that I love you lately? - I do.

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