Saturday, April 20, 2013

A meaningful blog. . .

Now I am done with my homework that was due last night, still haven't showered or done much of anything else, but at least homework is done.  Was up by 8 today, and do feel quite rested.  Okay - meaningful...meaningful...hmm...

Jenn and I ran to Walmart this morning - yes...i know I said I haven't showered yet...I'll get there..but anyway when we walked in the door..she pointed out Duck Dynasty stuff which seriously (according to jenn I did a little hop for joy) made me very happy.  I do really like those people in that show, and honestly I think it's because they remind me of my extended family, "and don't you forget that, Jack".

You ever meet a person, and just know you're going to like them a lot, or have those feelings like you already do.  Yeah, I've done that quite a bit in my life, and it seems to be some sort of strange intuition. It's weird too, because the people that I'm closest too, were those that I had those feelings for.  Like Gary, Emily, Laura, Jami, Tommy....I just knew that these people would be some of the most life altering for me.  They were the real deal, the ones that I knew would shape me in some way.  I love how that happens, it even happened the day I held my baby brother in my arms (that might have been the first time actually).  I looked into his baby eyes and knew he'd be one of my best friends ever, and he is.  I knew when I first met David and Jennifer that they were my kids, even when they weren't yet, and I knew when Zach's not so pretty baby face (yeah wrinkly like an old man preemie face) that he would also be something special.  You expect these things of your kids, but there are people that I had in my life a long time that I did not feel this way about.  I said this recently, and I meant it...The only reason I'm on this earth is to form relationships.  Work is great, but it's only work.  The business is fun, but it's only the relationships that people will remember when  you're not there.  I guess my outlook on life in the last few years has changed drastically when it comes to all of this.  When you get older and start losing the people in your life that are closest to you, you realize what actually does matter, and to me, it's you.  I know some of you are like, is she talking about me, well, yes, I actually have thought through my friend list as I was writing.
"I'll get it if you need it, I'll search if you don't see it, You're thirsty, I'll be rain, You get hurt, I'll take your pain." - Gavin DeGraw - "Soldier"(yes another new fav)

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