Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yes, I'm a believer. . . And not ashamed

Today I look at the clouds and I feel you.
I hear my niece talk and I know you're there.
I hug my momma and I feel  your love
Thank you - My Lord - for the peace that I have.

Thank you to Will and Nanette Eshelman for inviting us to a beautiful Easter dinner.  It was wonderful.  I really do love you both, and am very happy to have you as family.

When I think over the last year, I know that my faith was tested.  I questioned so many things.  It's all okay; I'm good and only getting better, but losing Grandpa (both of them really)was extremely hard for me.  I know - you may read this, and say, "grandpa?...well everyone dies and he was your grandpa, not your dad or anything."  He wasn't just a grandpa - he was an awesome grandpa to me.  Anyway - Almost a year ago (Friday) my grandpa left this earthly body that failed him so many times over the years.  He became in my mind something so much bigger and better than anything I have imagined before.  Also, he became a part of what I call "my heaven".  This is a hut on Laguna Beach with a few people nearby that I love so dearly.  Grandpa - I miss your jokes...I miss your hugs...I miss our talks...I miss you totally, but I see you in a whole heck of a lot of my dreams, and that's pretty cool.

On to something different - not lighter really - but different.

I am in no way better than anyone, I'd like to start off by saying that. I know that everyone has feelings about all of this, and I am not saying I'm right, but I'm also not thinking you have to read this.  If I offend you or you don't agree, that is fine, don't read my posts.
So, I don't watch the news, most of you know that. (I say it a lot) - I did hear about the North Korea threats and I know that we're not happy about it as an American people.  I totally get that I am not one of the Beatles.  I get that maybe it's not my place to scold the world, but. . .
Love one another, people.  Care for one another - don't do anything to someone that you wouldn't have them do to you.  Everyone has spats and disagreements, but that doesn't mean you should take action physically against anyone.  I'm certain that so many people think I was born in the wrong decade, well I'm saying that we don't put love into the equation nearly enough.  It's a pretty simple thing.

OH WHAT a beautiful day - huh?  - - - Did you see those gorgeous white puffy clouds?  That right there - That is my happy place. . . That and Laguna of course.

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