Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thoughts about YOU!

Ok...So..I understand that some people have a tendency to make everything negative.  "What color is the sky?"  It can't be an interesting beautiful gray, but instead its a murky solemn lonely gray.  Well...I am so over your sad responses, I have decided that almost everything can get a positive spin.  "It's rainy today" - well isn't it nice that there are days like this to make you really appreciate when it's sunny.  Calm down people...stop deciding that because something isn't ideal right now in your mind, that is has to a be a bad thing.  There are a few people that consider so many things to be bad or wrong or a problem.  And so many of my friends on Facebook that WHINE about everything.  Stop it, or I will unfriend you, I'm tired of listening to/reading your sad sob stories, so if that means that you don't get to be a part of my Facebook world.  Fine!  I think I might have been as negative as the normal person once in my life, but I will never be like that.  EVER!  In general, life is too short to be so upset about things, and if you're unhappy with your situation - CHANGE IT!  I know some people will be like "easy for you to say"...yes it is...It is easy for me to say, and also, it should be easy for you to say.  If he isn't nice to you, LEAVE him.  If she is talking shit about you, stay away from her.  If your husband cheated on you, LEAVE him.  It's really not that hard, you should want to be happy and I know I want you to be, so do what it takes to make yourself that way.  I also know that some people aren't happy unless they are trying to bring others down.  I will weed you out and you will no longer be apart of my world.  Just saying.  Be dramatic, but be dramatic in an over the top happy sorta way, and we'll be happy together.  If you are reading this, and you are thinking that maybe I am talking about you - - - - I AM.  - Okay how ironic that I'm being negative about negativity - right?  Just felt like bitching a little.  Okay I'm good now.
Today Gary was talking to me about news stuff at breakfast (I do not watch or listen to news stuff, most people know that about me, so he keeps me up to date sometimes) anyway - I do NOT want to hear about the murder rate going up in Indy by like 30 percent.. Apocalypse is coming - people are losing their heads. I am happy for my Zombie killing tools.  Still looking for a Vampire to bite me, so if you know any (has to be the real thing), send them my way.  
  This week started out rough for me.  My tooth was ridiculously paining me last weekend and into Monday, so I had to have another root canal (same tooth, more money and more pain).  Anyway, I could've been all, "why me?" but what good does that do.  I did notice myself starting to fall into the vacuum of  what I consider to be negative thoughts later this week though, and to those of you that might have heard me, ..oops..I did the " really? how can you be this way, and how is it that things are so messed up here?"  Well, I'm understanding a lot of the processes better at Ryobi (as well as a lot of people there do I guess).  My boss said to me yesterday that he had me figured out yesterday, that I am "impatient" --- Not the first time I've been told this, but he's right..I can not stand not Knowing stuff...I am an instant gratification type of person and it is definitely something I need to work on. I am so thankful to have all these new people in my life.  They are pretty awesome.
I'm pretty excited that I have all the old people in my life, too.  I have so much love in my heart, which really is fantastic.  I know that Zach and Gary have suffered from all this though; I am pretty busy.  I am about ready to finish the first class (tomorrow hopefully) in my Master's program.  Yay!  Not an 'A' but should be a  high 'B'..this program is way different than the Bachelor's.  Not bad, but different and requires more effort and time than I really have, so I will be happy with a 'B'.
Last night on the way home, I was listening to Gavin DeGraw and texting way too many people while driving (speak text - no worries), but anyway I LOVE Gavin DeGraw (probably not as much as Andy Grammar - Andy has such smiley happy music) - very happy he's opening for Train this summer, can't wait.

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