Friday, September 28, 2012


Sometimes I think I have all kinds of stuff figured out and then... Poof... I know nothing again.. Isn't that weird? There are about 15 maybe 20 people in my inner most circle that know that peace is hard to come by for me. This morning was so hard to get out of bed.. Not only was I stepping into a catastrophic situation this morning that seemed to have no bright spot but also my lungs are now infected with the head snot infection... So coughing is happening more.. I should say unproductive coughing... Ewwee.. I made some calls though about my graduation and funding for the upcoming masters program.. And that made my morning a little brighter.. Then it took a downturn for a while... And it made me think.. Why why why why... Why am I not trying harder in a few key areas... Why do I even care about one person having hateful feelings towards me... I mean geezz everyone does not have to like me.. Kinda some uncharted waters there for me tho cuz there really are very few people I cannot connect with on some level.. Dude I am pretty great after all..
Anyway after a long day.. Of sickness and worry I get to go hang out with a bunch of LBBT kids for family fun night. And tomorrow I GET to work inventory... Oh and let's not forget I still have homework I need to do by midnight. And you ask why I'm bogging instead of doing homework now? I got home and zach was playing and gary was working... And I'm sitting on the couch resting before the LBBT experience... Yup so I decided to talk to myself like this basically..
Today on my way to work I flipped down my visor and my gma/gpa picture popped down... It reminded me that none of this.. Daily stuff... Matters at all in the grand scheme of things.. Yup you guessed it.. All that matters is the love we show one another.. All that matters is that we take care of each other and love.. And so.. With that I'll say "I love you all dearly".

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