Thursday, September 27, 2012


Let's talk about what that means. Is being a non-conformist someone who doesn't hang out with others? Nope.. That's a non-social person or someone who may think they're too good to hang out with others. A non-conformist is someone who chooses not to go for the norm just to go for the norm. A non-conformist is someone that questions why certain things happen and decide to go against the grain, but they could be totally social people. Saying I choose not to do this cuz all of you do it doesn't make you a non-conformist unless there is something we're doing that we don't want to be doing. Conformity means that I am somehow doing something only because it's expected but not because the person wants to.

Something else... It would be great if people had my back.. Just saying.. It would be great if I felt like I was actually...... Cared for..

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Tommy said...

I care, and I think for myself, and question authority.