Sunday, September 23, 2012

iphone 5...

My assessment...
Same phone different size..

I like the size don't get me wrong, but I don't see the appeal.  If you didn't like Apple so much before, it's not something that will reel you in now.  The screen is pretty and it's a little longer which gives the appearance of sleeker than the iphone 4 and also gives the appearance of skinnier somehow, but the width is the same.  The phone is thinner in depth though, and that is nice also.  I like the colors better than the iPhone 4, considering the two tone black on back, and the phone does seem to run a bit faster and smoother.
With all that said, for me, nothing GREAT and new and wonderful.  I know that Gary did order a new Nano though, so I'll give my opinions on that in a few days.  It made me think...I have a nano that I never use.

Gonna do some homework now, NEVER ending homework.  "hey jess, what's your sunday look like?"  - "well I don't feel good (thinking tomorrow might be a Unity visit), stressed about work stuff, and OH yeah, I have homework to do, and I'm going to LBBT in a little bit to meet with my partner on some planning stuff"..
Love you all.

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