Thursday, September 13, 2012


I really like yellow and orange..
Blue and red are nice, too.

Yellow fills me with an inner peace though..
Like being in love or clean fresh sheets.
It makes things happen to me.. I'm not even sure why.. It just feels happy..
Also like the smell of fresh cut grass.. What an awesome smell... And the smell of rain.. Awwee.. I love that smell.

Sometimes I stress a lot. I wear myself pretty thin, and my coping mechanism for the stress is or has been people. I surround myself with 'em. Also though I used to work out which helped so much. I really need to do that again... Next week.. Starting again next week..
Right now I'm sitting at the LBBT and writing this on my phone. Waiting for the break I am between classes so that i can talk a bit with my business partner.. Always something going on, and I know I couldn't be happy any other way. I just need to figure out how to manage the stress better I think..
Sometimes at work I hold my pee until I literally feel like I'm going to explode.. (I know that was random... But these are my random thoughts)
Sometimes I cry and sleep with a stuffed bear... Only sometimes but it does happen..
Sometimes people are fantastic and show me that they do really care..
Sometimes my life is whoa so interesting.. I can't believe I live it.
Jenn is going to skydive with Zach and I...
Yup these were mostly random thoughts.. Oh and I have new wooden sunglasses.. They are too cool..
I love you.. And i care.. And you are special..

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