Friday, September 21, 2012

Joys of Cheese. . . .

Well it got you in the door, didn't it.

I am pretty excited about some upcoming events.

Please check out the Fall events for LBBT.
Next Friday is a Fun Night.  Oct 12th = Lock-In
Fall session II starts Oct 8.

1.  Gonna ship my oldest son (even though he doesn't talk to me anymore) some alcohol for his 21st birthday which is right around the corner. 21...yeah...that 5 year is 21 in a week in a few days..and doesn't apparently remember what loving me means...If you happen to read this, David Alexander, I will ALWAYS love you.

2.  Halloween is coming!!  Zach's favorite time of year, and that always makes me happy.  Gonna plan a 13th birthday bash for him of some kind...scary Halloweeny.  My BABY is almost a true teenager.  Weird right...2lbs 10ozs..15 inches long..and now..a size 13.5 MENS shoe..and

3.  I can wear sweatshirts with my jeans for comfort again.  I love fall and spring so much.

4.  I have an iPhone 5 that I'm gonna play with this weekend.

5.  My life is so busy, but so perfect right now.  Lots of good friends and family and love to surround myself with.  It is nice to be in love with my best friend.  You know is just awesome...

6.  2 more weeks of doubled classes, and I will have a small break.  It doesn't mean no classes, but only one for a few weeks...That alone will feel like a relief.  - few more months, and I get to start all of this again..exciting huh?

7.  Emily told me that she will do a Spring full production . . . . YAY!  I am stoked about that.

8.  My friend, Laura, is happy about a job she's starting.  Congrats, Babe. Love ya.

9.  Lunch is at Little Mexico today, and I want cheese.

10.  Went out to the plant and toured some stuff today...It was fascinating..You'd think when a person has been here as long as I have, that things like that wouldn't be some darn exciting but they are.

11.  I decided yesterday..That I am so in charge of EVERYTHING in my life.  I can DO whatever I want to.  I know that sounds silly, but what I mean is...if you're being emo and I don't want to listen to you, I won't any longer.  If I am tired, I will sleep.  If I am over it, then I'll just be done with it.  Sorry about your feelings, but I don't need you clouding my judgment. (That is to lots of people, so don't take it totally personally)

I love you my Jennifer and Gary..since I think you two might be the only ones reading these days.

I'll let you all know the ends and outs of the iphone 5 later today or tomorrow prolly.

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Jack said...

I only read it to keep the peace at home because if I don't read it you get all emo and shit.
Just kidding.
I really like reading your blog. It's very interesting and educational.
Really . . .

No really.

Really . . .