Sunday, September 16, 2012

The weekend...

Whoa all of those involved in my weekend know how crazy but great it has been. Started with the Mraz concert with some awesome kids.. From there the car had issues and then a great day yesterday... LBBT performance and a party at Jess' and... My Lucy said "Aunt Jess" so that i could hear her... It was very clear, too. I love that kid..
Also was surrounded with good peeps all night.. Some family and some friends.. Lots of love to all that made the day great..
Apparently though I had some issues after everyone left.. The funny kind but not really appropriate for bloggin..
This morning we got up early.. Train to Chicago and after some Navy Pier and Millennium Park.. On a train now back to Lafayette.. So.. Now I'll complain a little.. Sore throat.. Sore leg.. Sore foot and walking in flip flops like an idiot.. Welcome to my world..
Okay so I go to get zach a charger for his phone at the Verizon store and the lady there starts explaining to me first the surge protector one and then when I told her I would be fine with an off brand she started lecturing me on how off brands can hurt your battery... Really?? No.. But nice selling point.. I didn't like her at all.. Went to a cool (the coolest actually) target ever today... Really neat.. Chicago does have cool stores..
I'm all over the place but what's new.. Oh yeah... Go Colts!
Now I was thinking I want a giant turtle in my yard... A human sized yard ornament turtle..
Also I would like to do some archery I think and I want to go to a casino in Indiana.. Started a bucket list of sorts.. I love experience with new stuff.. And i wanna do all kinds of things so... I think I'm gonna get a bow and arrow...

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