Sunday, October 28, 2012

Activities . . .

I am one of those weird people that always have to be busy.  I have to have things to keep myself busy at all times.  Used to be a few weeks ago, that feels like forever ago now, that I had a full time job during the day that kept me busy and then the evenings were filled with other activities.  Now, I have: painting bedrooms, and doors, and looking for a job, and organizing some things, and getting new cabinet pulls and school of course.  It's just weird that I still try to fill every moment with something during the day.  Neo says relax and enjoy this, and I say, whoa I'm bored.  So, not sure mentally why that is, or what the problem is with me, but there is definitely an issue there.

Anyway on to the weekend.  This weekend has BEEN so AWESOME.  Went and got Sheila to surprise Jennifer and even though the kids got back late Friday it's been great.  We stayed up late Friday, got up early yesterday and went Paintballing, then a party at my house, and then a not so haunted maze..but it was still fun.  I have to say that Paintballing with Jenn, Zach, Adrian, Garrett, Sheila, Sarah, Roy, Kyle and Tyler was TONS of fun  I LOVE it.  I really want to do that again, and soon.  Yes, I do have a few bruises and I'm sure we all do, but I swear I love that adrenaline rush.  Good times.  Then we came back to my house (Kyle got a ticket) and we had some great grill food thanks to Neo.  Had others stop by including Lucy Lou and Dad and family, Mom and Laura.  Zach had a fantastic bday party.  I can't believe he's gonna be 13 in a few days.

Last year i blogged about his preemie birth, but it is weird how he can be so Clifford the Big Red dog like.  He's such a tall boy and you'd never know that he was so so small once.  Thanks to St. Vincent's NICU and so many prayers.  Such a happy and healthy...Teenager??>>>'ll be driving before I know it.

Taking Jenn back today and I plan to have some fun with that, too.  But first, some Arni's...Yay!

Love you all.

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