Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Would you rather series. . .

So I was thinking about how to spice up my blog a little, and I think I've decided I'm going to ask a simple would you rather question and then answer it.  I will continue to add my thoughts of course, because it wouldn't be my blog without those.  Just like any good relationship though, there is some give and take, so I really would like to hear your replies on my "would you rathers"

Okay so for the first one, I thought maybe I'd ask this question?  Would you rather. . . .

Okay - so...I know all the men in my life would love if I looked like that, but I really do like myself.  I'm not saying I feel like I'm perfect by any means, but I think if I looked in the mirror and saw that face, I might not be able to function.  I enjoy me; the non-shallow looks don't matter me.  Plus if I looked like that, guys would like me for all the wrong reasons.  So I have to say honestly, if I could change the way I look I would want to do it by working out and making myself more fit, but I don't think I would choose the super model.  Ah heck, who am I kidding..If I were changing looks alone, I might go for that.  If I had to change to someone else's personality along with it...yeah I'd stay me.

I am a girl.  This is a thought I've had a few times in the last two days.  I like things like boys do.  I like football and drinking and well all kinds of boy stuff, but I am a girl with girl emotions and girl feelings.  I think sometimes boys think I don't let everything bother me like other girls, well sometimes this is true...and sometimes it's not.  I like to cook and to smell nice and to be complimented and to cuddle and shop and well telling me that you love me just sometimes isn't always good enough...sometimes, maybe dependent on the day of the month, I want to hear it more often, cuz I can be needy just like other girls..So sorry for that boys, but I do..

Sometimes life gives you oreos..Sometimes it gives you poo.. I guess all you can do is hope for an oreo day. ;) - and yes..that was mine..

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