Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Response. . .

Blogger Manatow said...
There is always more than one reality. And most people think their perception of reality is the "True Reality."

You cannot be a truely wise and HAPPY person until it is clear to you, as a person, that your own personal thoughts of reality are not necessarily the true reality.

I decided to just blog an entire blog response to this.
I agree that reality is not the same for everyone.  But what strikes me about your comment is that you say "you cannot be truly wise and Happy" Until til i agree that everyone has a different reality?  I can be content and happy in any form I wish and I am enjoying my perception and my reality.
I know that everyone has their own world that they're in charge of.  I also know that my world is what I want it to be.  If I say I'm going to drop everything and paint everything Yellow and be happy...and I choose to make that happen, then who are you to say that I cannot.  I have a feeling you are someone I know, and that's great and if you're not, sorry, but you became someone tangled in my "thoughts".
Wisdom is not something I even claim to have.  My grandpa was wise, and I'll never get there.  I just want to live and enjoy this life no matter what happens.  I want today to be a great day, and tomorrow, but I'm thinking about this as a one day at a time type of thing right now.
So, Gary loved your response to my blog, even though I'm not sure how it fit so much into me trying to get over a HUGE loss.  Gary said, that sounds Zen and Buddhist.  So Props for winning the heart of my man.  I thought about how to respond to this last night for like an hour, because I do NOT have nearly as much going on in my life these days.  If you were referring to my "idiot" comment, then you obviously do not know what I know, and your reality may be different but mine is right and yours is harm done. ;)

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