Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Productive Days. . .

I love it when a plan comes together..
Cleaned out most of the upstairs room (junk) today.  Now we have another guest room.
Continued working on my novel.  Coming right along.
Did some career builder searches, and sent resume to a few more contacts.
Texted with my kids of course...Missing them all.
Went into Zach's room and opened the closet door (HUGE mistake)..Doing his laundry now. YUCK! Boys are gross..
Invited some more friends over for the weekends activities.
Bug guy came and sprayed.
Downloaded Zombies Run...yeah I think I want to start it soon.

Thought about finishing the cabinets, nah..not today..
Going for a walk at 6
Going to Arni's for dinner...

I loved being able to stay in bed this morning..while it was raining..it was cozy...
Everyday I get a little more happy.

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