Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Green eggs and ham...

Check out some cool new socks ill be sporting one of tomorrow

So today's would you rather made me think a little. Would you rather be able to tell when someone is lying for sure every time? Or be able to lie without anyone ever being able to tell or figure it out?

I thought about this a while.. I am not sure I want to know when everyone is lying.. Sometimes a small lie might make me feel okay wearing the clothing I have on.. I think it would be kinda cool to be able to lie and no one know or calling me out... Problem is I don't like lies.. I think they tend to do worse in the long run.. I'm very open, even about my feelings and some would say to a fault.. So would say it's refreshing.. I just say it's easier to be honest and to try to love and try to live by that.. Hasn't failed me too badly yet..

I am sorry for my sad blog yesterday, but those of you that know me... Really know me... Know that I handled the day much better than I could have..

Posted on Facebook but I need to make sure that everyone knows this.. I really do love you all and I thank you for your interest..
Snot is running down the back of my throat again.. And sneezing both sucks and gives my wonderful feelings all at once..

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