Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa. . .

Never ever will a day go by, where I won't be thankful that you were my Grandpa.  I hope when you see me from where ever your spirit waits to be taken to your Heaven, that you are always as proud to have me as a grandchild as I was to have you as a Pa.

I remember so many stories, and so many happy times.  The good so outweighed the bad.  I will never forget your laugh and your smiling eyes.  It's weird when someone so close to you dies, and it feels like they're still around when you remember them.  This is how it is with both you and Grandma.  I feel your presence like you are still here, but I can't actually see or touch you.  You were there for me when I felt like the earth was moving from under my feet like no one else has ever been.  You were my carpenter and one of my greatest loves.  Forever Pa, I love me too..

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