Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once AGAIN. . .

So...I know that it's been a little while since I did this.  Wasn't sure what to say.  Sometimes I can't just come up with interesting things, even though my mind is constantly going.

I decided yesterday to get the new Yoga 13 - Here's my Review first of Windows 8 - I really think it's going to take some getting used to.  I like it, but I'm learning it.  It is so so different from Windows anything..  People complained when they went from XP to Vista like crazy, it will be interesting to see how the general public actually handles this change.
Now my review of the coolest computer/tablet every...Seriously - I can not tell you how exciting it is that this is touchscreen, but I will never again be able to use a regular PC/monitor/laptop.  I would look like the dummies that click the mouse on the monitor when you tell them to click on something.  Anyway, this device is spectacular.  I cannot help the geek in me.  I love technology and  I don't think that will ever change.

Now though, since there isn't an endless amount of fundage to my crazy purchases, I will be selling my XPS 13 - probably $650 if anyone is interested, and I will be selling my Galaxy Note 1 for probably $400.   If I don't get offers on these quick, I'll be ebaying them.  I also have some other electronics to sell.  I have a iPod Touch 1st edition (without the camera) - I'm thinking $50 for that.  I also have the iPod nano - small orange one not the latest but the one before this (6th gen  and I think 8G) - I'd part with that for $100 - Also have chargers for all.  The XPS and the Galaxy Note - even have original boxes and they are pristine.  Actually the Note is nearly brand new, since I just got the Best Buy replacement on it recently.  

Alright so I have to give a review of a new yogurt also.  Yopa! - Okay - not a big fan. I'm not sure why I switch, Chobani is the best.  Yopa! you can get that have nuts to put in it..and that's why I got it with it's chopped almonds.  It was okay, but I'm glad I have Chobani for the rest of this weeks breakfasts.  

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