Friday, November 30, 2012

A blog blog blog..

hmm...what to say..
Random thoughts totally I guess..

I really am so glad there is not been a bathroom RUN today.  Still not feeling a 100% evening..but strangely I'm in the mood for Mexican..Problem is Mexican is a  problem.

I have a lot of stuff up on ebay and somehow I wanted the auction to end Saturday, but it doesn' ends Sunday.  GREAT...have to wait another day..

I turned down an offer from Gary today that I am sure I might regret...He made sure to let me know he wouldn't go back on it for a I'm stuck...and I chose no..

I got the BLUE furby that gary couldn't find...haha

I played Mario U with my baby today..and he's really not as good as me, which makes me OHHHH so happy...he's been better at every game except mario than I since he was like 8.  

I really like how the U controls our TV and Cable box.  That's cool, but it would be nice if it controlled sound for us..and our BluRay player..

I gave in to Brian and let him have Zach wake up there on Christmas morning again, but...I get him longer this way..cuz he said after dinner on Christmas Eve and he'd bring him home around 9 Christmas morning..That means..I get him longer..oh well..I'm sure there will be some emotions again, but i'll figure it out..

Been a little emotionally numb lately, with all the sickness floating around.  Did go decorate the Black Box today, and put the announcement out that we're doing a full production...Yay!  Beauty & The Beast - Auditions January 10th...

Get to see Sheila again beans..

Missing my baby girl, but Sheila is a pretty decent stand in..or Tyler, but I don't see her that often anymore..

Love yas

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