Sunday, November 25, 2012

blogging. . .

Sometimes I think it's time to stop this blogging thing..

I enjoy it immensely and it definitely is an outlet and a sort of therapy for me...but I also find it cumbersome..It's crazy to tell people your thoughts all the time..I think it might be interpreted wrong too, like some people may think that I'm being conceited by writing about what I think..I mean really who cares what I think or say..I know all this..

Many days lately I have tried to determine what is next for me...what do I really want to do now..what can I do..what makes me happy...what feels right...I get to do whatever I want now..and that's kinda weird..

I do of course need to think of cash flow and insurance and my child still at home..

I like to write..I like to talk..I like my opinions..that does not mean that I believe I'm right all the time.  I don't even care if I'm wrong actually, I just like to share them.  You wouldn't believe the amount of people that think that their way is the true ONLY way.  That what they think is right and no one else knows or gets what "right" is for them.  CRAZY is what that is.  I recently compared one of my friends to a "Christian" and Gary laughed and thought it was funny.  This person is NOT a Christian but believes his way is the only right way..and I said, "it's kinda nuts, like he's a Christian trying to tell me I'm wrong."  I mean that..I don't know why people can't understand that just because they believe something to be true or doesn't mean that there isn't someone else that believes differently and is also "right and true".

Okay now I need to say..based on my comment, you'd think I wasn't a Christian.  I am totally and that was a stinky view I just painted to the word Christian - For those Christians that understand that we definitely don't have the Bible all figured out, and for those that don't try to push their point of view on everyone...I apologize for my comment.  It was not directed at all, but towards the evangelistic ones that point out how wrong things are based on their interpretation of the Bible.

With that said, more randomly...

Today is better than yesterday...I'm so glad my SON is coming home to mommy tonight..and he texted me to tell me how badly he misses me out of the's nice to feel his love.

I apparently have not been a great friend sometimes...I am who I am..I'll be me and if you decide to figure that out..great...if not ..whatevs..I am not going to try to change for anyone

I am so so so so so happy with the Wii U and the new Mario game...seriously it is my most FAVORITE one ever.

Black Friday deals this year sucked..hopefully there are some cyber monday ones that I like..

I appreciated watching old videos with my mom and dad and roy on Friday...thanks to my brother for convincing me to do it.  It was supposed to be a christmas surprise that I was converting all old home movies to dvd.  No surprise but a good time and it did feel nice.

I have gotten a lot of compliments on my poetry lately..going to stop publishing on here..and only share with some..seriously i can't believe something that takes me so LITTLE time is even liked a little..that's kinda neat..

Okay..well..that's all for a while..over and out.

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