Friday, November 2, 2012

What am I thankful for? . . .

So I keep seeing all of your day by day posts of thankful things, and it made me think about some of the things I'm thankful for.  I'm going to list them in no specific order.  So if I put something at the end because I think of it then, it doesn't mean that it is less important to me than the others..Got it?

1. My door - I love love love how my front door is a drawing board right now.  It has restored so much happiness to my life the last few mundane weeks.  YELLOW I'm thankful for Yellow. 

2.  My kids - Even the one that doesn't talk to me much.  I love they all three have made me smile a lot during some difficult times.  They're wonderful.

3. Gary -  He's too good for me really.   He puts up with all my craziness and still claims to love me...How can this be?  Also he's my best friend to boot.  

4. Mom - Oh mom...she's so great.  She loves me unconditionally and really is proud of me, when I feel like there is nothing left to be proud of.

5. Last classes for my BA - Seriously excited to be taking on something new.  My life has so many possibilities now.  

6. Family - Everyone that I don't mention specifically in here...I'm still thankful for you..

7.  Lucy - Who knew you could love someone else's child almost as much as you love your own?  I get that I had two stepkids...but they never felt like that - it was just a my kids thing from the start, and while yes, they did grow on me, I instantly love them.  But I always felt like other people's kids were just not as cool as mine, until Lucy.

8.  Friends - Everyone I don't mention specifically for some reason or another in here...I have a lot of friends,  and I love each and everyone one of you.

9.  Laura - You have been there for me during difficult times.  Even when you were mad cuz you thought I wasn't texting back. I love and am thankful for our friendship.

10.  LBBT - Oh my gosh...I own a business.  I know it's not profitable yet, but the kids are great, and so is working with Emily.  Which leads me to 11

11.  Emily Wolfgang - My child loves you and so do I.  I appreciate all that you do for our community and children.

12.  Our relationship with my brother and his wife - Seriously - I love them and they are some of our best friends.  

13.  Success. - Jennifer/David/Zach - Have you met my kids?  I am thankful that they are all so well rounded.    

14.  My bed - I can't be more comfy anywhere on the couch isn't bad either, but bed oh my bed, is great.

15. California - specifically Laguna Beach - I am sure this is what my heaven looks like.  

16.  Blog readers - I am happy so many of you like to read my stupid antics.  Thanks.

17. Wabash National - That place taught me so much, and honestly most of the people there will be lifelong friends.  I was there 10 years and they were some of the best of my life.

18. Understanding of emotions.  I love that I know how to feel what needs to be felt.  I love that while I can't completely control mine yet, I know that I am in control of however I feel.

19. The bible classes that IWU forces you to take.  Yeah, I'm thankful for being made to think about some things that I have not thought of for a while, if ever.

20. Dumb people - It's good to have people that aren't as smart as you.  It's all relative really anyway.  - Maybe I'm more thankful for understanding perception.  

21.  Tommy -Friendship/Confusion/love/understanding/growth - I am thankful for you.

22.  Senses - I'm sometimes not so thankful for this around Zach - but the fallen leaves, the cut grass, the sugar cookies, and smell of rain...I'm so thankful for smell.  -  i love sunshine and puffy clouds and being able to see them clearly.  I love hearing Lucy speak. I love tasting peanut butter and the feel my wonderful comforter. 

23.  Superheros, vampires, werewolves - All that stuff that is maybe not real to all, but lives in a happy place in my heart.

24.  Technology - Windows 8 this wonderful machine I'm typing on.  I'm thankful that things are changing so rapidly and that I can understand and love the coolness of it all.  I'm thankful for Google/Android and all that they do. I'm thankful for Amazon and streaming and cloud storage and oh my many technological things.  I'm so happy to be here and now.

25.  The Unknown - Yeah this is gonna be my last one for today - I'm thankful for not knowing everything.   I like learning and I like how things evolve and become new.  It's nice to wonder what tomorrow will be like while enjoying today.  I think it's also scary right now, but it's still kind of cool.

 Okay - Not proofing this...just posting..Love you all.  If I didn't mention something specific that is okay...I'm probably still thankful for it, but I got tired of typing. 

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