Saturday, December 8, 2012


I sure love my boys..
How did it happen that Zach can make me laugh so hard that drink could come out my nose.. The boy is funny and sweet.. I think I am doing okay somehow with him.
We laughed for 10 minutes when these two ladies asked to help us take pictures and I told the it was okay cuz we were playing.. Trying to line up the huge tree in the middle of us was interesting and fun..
Wreck it Ralph was good.. And i have to say.. To have a kid like zach like me... Makes me think I might not be that bad... So everyone knows.. That was in reference to the last line in the movie.. Not because I believe I'm a bad person..

Anyway.. I liked the dreary day.. Kept expecting to see zombies on the streets.. Not sure why.. I expect that will be a dreary day too.

I did feel a little bad for Zach today. He was looking forward to Adrian spending the night.. We found out this afternoon that wasn't going to happen and he got a little upset.. I told him to call his uncle to ask him to come over.. He did and Roy had plans.. But zach even though he was down.. He stayed very unwhiny about it.. He's growing up nicely.. Very proud of him so I gave him an early Christmas present.. Zombie U... Freaky game.

Enuf.. Good night..

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