Tuesday, December 18, 2012

okay people - BE REAL -

No one thinks it is a stupid idea to put guns in the schools where are children are.  I see on the news tonight that Indy is thinking about arming administrators and teachers...REALLY?
Can anyone see a child maybe finding out where one of these guns are and getting his hands on it?  Can anyone think of a better idea?  geezz...How about we realize that tragedy happens?  I realize that while all of the tragedy is here and schools need to be protected don't we think maybe we have to do it in a way that truly protects...I feel like when something bad happens in our nation we over react to the max and it just makes crazy criminals think "yeah, if I get mad enough I could do this . . . "
Please stop helping criminals.  Lets sit back and think for a while.  I heard the other night that this teacher was thinking her son needed help and she was frightened by him for a LONG time, maybe we should make sure that teachers have better access to help avenues when they see depression happening with students and with family members.  Maybe we could work on some sort of tragedy alarm that sounds so loud the entire town would hear it.  Maybe we could come up with some sort of restraint or massive sticky slime that comes out of the ceiling if a trigger is hit..and everyone gets stuck immediately...Lets stop thinking of other dangerous weapons that could create another tragedy.  Maybe we could create panic rooms for each classroom....I think my mind isn't near as good as lots of people, but GUNS>>>>really lets add to the school exactly what takes lives from it......Where is the LOGIC here...NO NO NO
I haven't been really vocal on a lot of this, but COME on...I do not want the teachers in my sons school to have guns..I do not want guns around him at all...so I get that everyone knows right now that I am not a republican, but GEEZZZ people..these are our babies...I don't want a weapon like that near my child, and I will NOT be okay with it if it happens.  I also will not be quite about it.

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