Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes! My new favorite fruit. . .

I know, right?  The pluot is one of those weird fruits where the name pluot still doesn't even have a place in most spell checkers, yet, I love it SO much.  They have also been called "plumcots".  Pluots are a hybrid fruit crossed apricots and plums, and let me tell you they are fantastic.  I think that they should try to add grapes into the mix.  I've had about 10 different pluots now and none have tasted exactly alike, they are all a strange mix of tart and sweetness.  I haven't been this excited about a food since Chobani.  I'm gonna have to buy a bunch of these and freeze them so that I can have them all year.

Today I start reading a new book.  "Paul Apostle of the Heart Set Free" by F. F. Bruce.  I'm strangely excited about that.  I was trying to come up with plans for Sunday.  Originally was thinking the Indianapolis Rib America Fest, but it looks like there is a huge chance of rain all weekend.  I'm not complaining though. Waking up to a rainy morning is exquisite when you have no where you have to be (especially when it is cool and the smell is wafting in your window).  So maybe an afternoon small gathering at the house with some good eats and music indoors.  Regardless of what you do, as long as you're with the right people, all is great.

Okay, on to another pet peeve.  Sitting here blogging this, and hearing someone literally hacking.  If you are that sick, freaking stay home.  I do NOT want to sound like you in a few days, and besides that hacking people make me feel like puking.  It's GROSS to hear; no one likes it, so shut your door or something to make yourself STOP it.

okay - love ya all, except the hacking guy.

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