Monday, August 6, 2012


Do you ever wonder why people are the way they are?  What makes it so that one person can't tell directions and another is born with a compass in their head?  Why are some people so illogical and others filled with it?  I know that it takes all kinds on this wonderful moving ball we're on, but why?

My head is filled with crazy non-important questions today:

Why are there so many different breeds of Dogs and cats?  If it's an evolution thing, which breed is the most evolved?

Why in the Bible are the planets not mentioned?  Can you imagine what will happen to Christianity if life is discovered on Mars?

Back in the days when the planet "wasn't round" - where did the logical people think the stars were moving to?  For that matter, what were the stars?

Why do boys have nipples?  And why do they NEVER grow up?  Why must they think at 35 it's okay to play the same 2nd grade games?  And why do they all feel like they KNOW everything?

And why can't anyone just take responsibility around here for what they do wrong?  What is wrong with knowing you're wrong and just admitting it?  Just cuz someone else's dog poops on the ground, you don't have to let your children play in it.  Pick up the POOP.  (reference to the "Dog Poop Initiative" written by Kirk Weisler)  It doesn't matter who's fault it is all the time...It happened, so..get over it and fix it.

Boys voices change, why don't girls?

Why do I have such a hard time concentrating lately on anything of real importance?  I'm sure I have not been feeling well, but I seriously feel a pull to "shiny things" or someone yelling "squirrel".  I was just thinking (I'm sure it's a sickness) it sure would be nice if Nintendo would come out with another Mario game.  I miss a good Mario game..Again though...then my mind goes to Peach..If that damn girl is in distress again, I'm gonna write a vivid letter.  It's time for them to make a game without those stupid girls.

I could double blog today and talk about the Nexus Q, but maybe I'll save that for another day.  Not really in the mood to stay on topic.

You know what, I can understand someone not liking country music, but how could ANYONE not like Andy Grammer or Train?  To me this is just ridiculous.

Last and finally for this blog, why do I still not have a vampire bite?

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