Monday, August 27, 2012

If it's Love. . .

If it's love
And we decide that it's forever
No one else could do it better

If it's love
And we're two birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whenever

And if I'm addicted to loving you
And you're addicted to my love too
We can be them two birds of a feather that flock together

Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, love
That's enough for me

- Train

My favorite lyrics this week...oh yeah, and it just happens to be by my favorite band.  I don't think I talked about the Train concert on here.  Freakin' fantastic show.  There is no one I'd rather listen to lately.  Patrick Monahan is wonderful, just saying. 

So, I am a little crazy about grades, I've noticed.  Is it wrong to bribe Zach to do good in school?  I dunno.  I know he doesn't enjoy math, but I want him to do well.  I want him to give his all.  If I had done as well in HS as I do in college, things probably would have been much easier for me.  I know he's not in hs yet, but he will be and I want things to flow for him easily.  He wants a drum set, and I want an A in math, so .... not sure if it's crazy for me to get him one if I get what I want or not?  I also want a soundproof room before a drum set though.  Can't get everything I want.

I am still trying to figure out the Twitter thing.  I know that I'm a techy geek and all that, but I have never Tweeted until recently, actually pretty much after the Train concert.  So maybe some can explain to me how you tell if someone is real.  Like how do I know if I'm following the real "Peyton Manning".  And why do people follow me and then drop off?  Do people just keep adjusting lists?  Total confusion, it just seems to hard to me to keep up with.  

Anyway Happy Monday! lyrics apply to all.

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