Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Eewwee Yuck"...

I'm sorry this week has been kinda hectic.

Monday - work
Tuesday - Endoscope and Colonoscopy
Wednesday - Work and travel north
Thursday - Move jenn in to NIU drive home and then to LBBT.
Friday - work
Saturday - time with Bro and Sis and Luce. and then a late night with Laura at the LBBT.  Laura is painting windows for us, totally excited, and I'll post pictures and her business info soon.
Sunday - Homework - laundry - cleaning - looking forward to Zacheriah coming home.

Okay - so I'm feeling a little better, but not complete yet.  I am going to start my workouts again this week, which I'm super stoked about. Next week starts doubled up classes again, so I want to take advantage of this week's lunches for workouts.

Wednesday night on our trip up to Dekalb, we were talking about rich people foods.  The kind that are written in English, but you don't know what it is by the name and description alone.  The kinds that Chef Ramsey goes on and on about.  Actually really, I was the one talking and Gary was thinking 'I wish you'd blog this stuff, and not talk about it.'  But here's a thought that I have shared a few times this week with a few people, NOTHING great has been on TV lately, so Gary and I were watching like "ultimate chef" or something like that the other night with the Ramsey guy and a few other chefs.  Well one of them supposedly made a tuna dish that President Obama ate, and he went on and on about how the president liked his dish.  Well, what the heck is the president supposed to say, even if he hates the dish..saying "eewwee, yuck" would ruin a chef, and he knows that so..even if he was spitting in the napkin, he probably would say "yummy this is good".  Anyone one of the chef hopefuls on that show thought he'd improve on the dish by adding mango..who knows if it made it better or not, but it apparently was offensive to the original chef that made the dish. (get over yourself) I'm fairly certain that the president doesn't give a shit.  Anyway, I started rambling to Gary, much like I am right now, about how ridiculous that is to think that the president liked the dish so much, also I talked about how I feel that caviar type dishes and such are weird and so not necessary.  Little DID I know, that we were staying at a hotel with one of "those" types of restaurants in it.  Yeah, so...I ordered a yucky crazy dish that was Oxtail.  It was freakin' horrible.  I would describe the dish, but it might make me gag a little, so NO.  And I very much felt like the president probably did when  he was eating yucky tuna.  I was polite and did what he probably did, puked later.  This was truly one of these moments that felt like a foreshadow to what was to come.  Anyway the Mai Tai was good.

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