Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Black Box Theatre Company First Lock-IN. . .

I have gotten enough of a response that it looks like we are going to do this. 

Theme is a Pajama Party!

Let's set the Date! 
8pm, Friday, October 12th through 8am Saturday, October 13th
This will be a 12 hour lock-in on October 12th.

Kids of ALL ages, and they can be picked up early if needed.Snack food and dinner will be provided.
Bring a comfy blanket and pillow for movie watching on a big screen.
***During this time we will play games, tell stories, eat food, and watch movies. 
The cost will be $20 for the first child and $15 for a second. 
 ##Also a bring a friend option allows for $15 for a friend that is not already someone accustomed to coming to the LBBT.##
Not on the website yet, but will be updating soon.http://www.littleblackboxtheatre.com
Adults/parents interested in staying for the evening will be free and appreciated.

Types of Games We will be playing:

Two Truths and a Lie
The premise is simple: each student stands up in front the group and tells three bits of information about himself or herself. Two of the facts are true and one is a lie. The group as a whole must then try to figure out which fact is untrue. Some leaders also allow group members to ask a random question of the person, which must then be answered truthfully.

Story Story
Six to eight players line up shoulder to shoulder across the stage. The instructor starts the game by pointing to a player. The selected player begins making up a story. When the instructor feels like it, he picks another player by pointing at her. That player picks up exactly where the last play left off, even if it was in the middle of a word or sentence. Players whose contributions don't make sense leave the line. The last player finishes the story. "Story, Story" engages the imagination while teaching listening, concentration and quick thinking.

There are five types of people in the game: a medic, an assassin, a police officer, townspeople, and a moderator. The ratios can be adjusted depending on the number of people playing, but for ten players there should be one medic, two assassins, five townspeople, one police officer and one moderator. Write the roles on index cards and secretly disperse them to the players. Aside from the moderator role, each role should be kept secret.
The moderator instructs the players to close their eyes: then he or she will instruct the assassins to open their eyes and choose two players to "kill." Once the two players are chosen, the medic will then open his eyes and choose two players to "heal." The medic can choose to keep himself safe and heal himself if he wants. If the medic is unsuccessful in healing one or more of the victims, the moderator will announce their deaths. At this point, the police officer will open his eyes and choose to arrest one person. Repeat until either both assassins are arrested or the townspeople are all "killed." If both assassins are arrested the game is over and the townspeople win. However, if the assassins are successful in eliminating the police officer and medic, the assassins win the game by default, as there is no way for the townspeople to fight back.

What Was The Question?
Two people will be asked to stand in front of the others. The activity requires that the participants talk to one another only in questions. Giving the children a theme, such as going to the doctor's office, facilitates the situation. The activity is an exercise in dialog.

Accept, Change, Pass
A student pretends to take an imaginary object from a box. The child uses this unseen object and passes it to the next student who pretends it is a different object. The activity helps to kick start the imaginative process for the children.

The Teacher's Cat
Ask the players to sit in a circle. Give the sentence example, "Emily's cat is an _______ cat." The adjective should start with the letter "A." Explain to the players that the next adjective letter should start with "B." Have them use the sentence around the circle. This is an ice-breaking game.

Mirror, Mirror
Group the students in sets of two. If you have an odd number of students, one group can have three. The teacher asks the students to face each other and mimic what the designated lead student is doing. The students take turns being the lead or mirror. This gives everyone an equal role in the class.

***We will bring in a bunch of age appropriate kids movies to choose between.  We'll ask for a permission slip on the movie titles to be signed by the parent dropping off the child.****

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