Monday, August 20, 2012

Silly Sandal wearers. . .

So, some people are just WAY different than I am.  I get that actually. I'm actually really good with it. What kills me though is how some people truly think they are better than others for weird reasons.  I am not going to elaborate as to what happened or why I felt this way, but I'm going to share my thoughts around it.
This weekend, well yesterday, while I was still laying in bed in the morning, I was thinking about the one thing that all of these people (the ones I know that I feel put themselves on a pedestal above the rest) have in common.  They all wear sandals.  Not flip flops, but the sandals that you have to sit to take off.  I think from now on if a person wears actual sandals I might have to avoid them.
I also feel that the people I'm thinking about live by a code, and it's an untruth.  They act like they're good, but under it all they're not that good.  I like real people.  Why can't we all just be real?  Why can't everyone just be honest with themselves and those around them?  Our world is not a fantasy, it's reality.  Where we are is really where we are, so don't avoid it.  Live it.  Feel it.  Know it.  Don't act like you're too good to be a part of it but secretly wish for a different life.  That's lame.  Really lame.  I love; it's something I do.  I love so many people so completely and it messes with my mind and my heart for sure.  I don't hide this or act like it isn't there, I embrace that part of me.  I am not better than anyone, and I don't claim to be or even think it at all.  I do wish that sandal wearers from all over would think a minute though about why they chose to be fake.  It's almost as though they're hiding something by covering the tops of their feet.
I know all of this seems strange, but I am sharing my thoughts, and guess what - THEY are weird at times.  If you wear sandals, do you think maybe that this is true about you?  I'm up for debate if anyone would like to.  :)


Jimmy Dean said...

I agree... Sandal wearers are yucky! Of course, I have an extreme phobia about feet.

lkafka said...

And they obviously don't like sex, cuz can you imagine having to sit down after some serious heavy petting and say, "Um, I gotta sit down and unbuckle these sandals just now...can you hold on?" Really!?! Sucha joy kill!

U so funny, Jess. oxo