Monday, August 13, 2012

Just keeps getting better. . .

It's not enough that I haven't been feeling good for a few weeks now, but add to that the test "kit" that I picked up today.  My life has gotten so darn fun lately.  I could be mortified, but instead I'm telling you all about it.  Okay, so I've been pretty sick lately, and while it started out differently then it did last time, it has ended up being the same kind of sickness I had a few years back.  I went to a specialist on Saturday who decided it was important to do some new tests.  Of course! Cuz I wouldn't want things to be boring.
So he told me he wanted to do a stool specimen and a blood draw, and he scheduled me for a colonoscopy and endoscope for next week.  Alright, so i've already done a colonoscopy a few years ago, so I knew what to expect there, but what has me thrown is the stool specimen.  Do you know what that entails?  YUCK!

So, I went today to the lab thinking, well I probably could give a sample anytime really, and I was ready for them to just take the blood draw.  Really just wanted to get that all out of the way.  So after waiting in the waiting room for about 35 minutes when I finally get called up and he looks at my order the gentleman says, "Um, it looks like you need to do a stool collection, so come on back and I'll get you set up."  Collection?  What?  Yeah, so I apparently have to gather poo from a few different times and put them in these nice little containers to bring back. One of these containers is supposed to be frozen....REALLY? Frozen..I know I sound like a spoiled child, but I do not like poo.  I do not like it one bit.  I have a horrible gag reflex also.  This is not going to be fun for me.

On a more positive note, Zach started school today.  He's such a handsome wonderful boy.  I am very blessed to have him in my life everyday.  You too Gary Graham.

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