Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thanks for putting it into perspective. . .

So many days, I think of me and only me.  I don't think of myself as a selfish person.  Lately, I've been sick for a while.  (or again, or whatever)...Anyway, I get caught up in the "why me's".
The picture you see is of Maya, my friend's 14 year old niece.  She was in an ATV accident last weekend, and has some major life threatening injuries.  Please send your prayers and/or positive thoughts towards her and her family.
I can only imagine the horror her family is going through.


Tommy said...
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Tommy said...

Maya is an amazing person. This picture is from her mission trip to Haiti, where she cared for and gave her love to so many children. Her family is full of love. Her older sister Alex, is her best friend and her younger sister and brother are always her first priority. She knows the meaning of life and how to enjoy it. I only hope she'll get many more years.