Sunday, August 19, 2012

Portal by Zach Shoop

So - my boy does have some talent..he and I are thinking we're gonna write together.  ;)


  Way back in the far meadows of indiana there is a shed where if u go inside you would start going down. You would then be greeted by glados, a robot of destruction. She would tell you about aperture science. Then she would make you do a lot if tests as if you were born to test. All the people died though, but there is still one more test subject named Chell.

         Chapter 1: the testing begins

   Chell had awoken from her long slumber in a electronic bed that opens once you wake up. She was greeted by glados by her saying" Hello and again welcome to the aperture science computer aided enrichment center, we hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one. To insure the safety of others, please refrain from..."She fizzled and came back online  "...and back. the portal will open in 3...2...1." A blue portal appears in a white wall. Chell walked through the portal unaware of anything. The only thing she knew was that her moms name was Caroline and her name was Chell. She also knew that she was a test subject. The first test was easy put the box on the button and go into chamber lock. She then saw a force field around the exit. Then she heard glados say, "note the particle field across the exit. This is a emancipation grill, it will vaporize any unauthorized equipment that touches it." Chell went through it and nothing happened. She proceeded into the chamber lock. The next chamber was the same concept of the first only you used portals. Chell went through the portal with the box trough it then the portal fizzed and trapped her in the room. She thought she was doomed until the portal reappeared and she went through. She waited for the portal to appear with the button in a room. It appeared and she went through quickly placed the box on the button and then back out quickly. She then waited for the portal to appear with the chamber lock in it. She went through when it did.

       Chapter 2: The portal gun

  Chell walked into the next test chamber and saw through the glass a gun that was shooting portals on the white walls. Glados greeted her to the portal gun room and said," you are doing very well." Chell felt proud of herself and jumped with glee. She jumped back in astonishment that she was wearing huge boots. Glados saw that she was looking at her feet and said," Those are the aperture science long fall boots, they will protect you from splatting on the ground when you jump from any height." Chell then walked up to the portal gun and grabbed it. " You are now in possession of the aperture science handheld portal device. With it you can create your own portals," said glados. Chell then took the device in bothe her hands and pressed a button. A blue portal came out. She walked over to it and cautiosly stepped through it. She couldn't believe it she could defy the laws of physics. She then went to the chamber lock by going through the portal. She was sad that she could only shoot one portal though, and every time she shot it on a dark surface it wouldn't work or she would try and shoot two and the other would disappear. In the next test chamber she was forced to use the portal gun and walk through it she would then have to shoot one on another wall and then go back through the orange portal. She then got to the chamber lock by walking down a hallway. The next chamber was a bit more difficult. She had to shoot a portal under a box and it would fall through it and out the orange portal. She had to place the box on the button and then it just opened the chamber lock so she just walked through. Then the next chamber was the most difficult, she had to shoot a portal under the box then go through her own Portal and throw the box on the button. But there were two buttons where was the other box she looked around and found it on another platform where you have to throw the box onto the button. She then went to the next room and the ceiling was made of glass so she could see that there was a portal that appeared and so she shot a portal on the wall next to her and went through and fell onto the glass. The next test was a momentum test. " The concept of this test is...feisbsisnshxusn...momentum," said glados. Chell was confused and she didn't know what to do so she shot a portal and jumped through it. It seemed to have worked because she landed on another platform. Then she had to jump of an overhang to shoot a portal on the ground right before she hit the ground. She soared through the air like an eagle. Then she had to shoot a portal on the wall closest to the next platform then had to jump off another overhang through the orange portal and flew through the blue one to the platform. She saw the platform withe her blue portal move forward and heard glados say," momentum a physic using mass and velocity, in langston terms speedy thing goes in speedy thing comes out." Chell jumped off of yet another overhang and used momentum to fly into the chamber lock. In the next chamber there was a ball of light flying towards the orange portal. Chell shot a blue portal at the top of a catcher thing. The catcher thing buzzed and turned blue when it caught the ball. A platform lowered and Chell jumped on it, it started going up, towards the chamber lock. Then the next chamber there was acid on the ground. She guessed it would kill her so she stepped cautiously towards the chamber lock.

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