Thursday, March 29, 2012

This wonderful world we live in. . .

Do you ever have days where you're peeing in the toilet, and you have a sudden wave, of thought like "oh I shouldn't be peeing here."?  Kind of like you feel for a moment that you're dreaming.  Okay, if not, that's okay, I am totally comfortable with my craziness.  I have moments like that, and sometimes I find myself in a fog a lot.  I think it has to do with Blood Pressure medicine, but I do notice that when I go lay in a tanning bed for 10 minutes my day seems so much happier and less foggy.  I am also getting a handle on these two classes at once thing.  I think it might not be that bad.  The Entrepreneur class has to have first posts by Friday night and then Accounting is by Sunday night...the weeks are staggered so i think that is helping.

Willy Wonka Junior - - - Anyone who wants to know. . .
Zach is Grandpa Joe Friday April 20th at 7 and Saturday April 21st at 6.  Both at the high school, and if you want tickets pre-sale are $5 and they will be $7 at the door.  I am looking forward to this; it'll be awesome.

So Gary switched back to his Nexus One for a while, but after having memory issues upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S II yesterday.  It's a cute baby version of my Note.  I am super excited about Ice Cream Sandwich.

A Few more Random thoughts from today:

Why is it that some beings lay eggs, and some have live births?  Why can't everything be consistent?

Why do some woman have problems with men opening the door for them, but they're perfectly fine with another woman opening the same door for them?

How do I get myself a Google Self driving car?

I'm thinking that sweater vests are never cool....

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