Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grow up, people. . .

I recently read something that made me think...why do people complain about others on Facebook or anywhere else, when they won't call a person out directly.  I think it's a coward move, and also it's just plain immature.  If you have issues with someone or something, why wouldn't you be direct and assertive and try to fix the problem instead of bitching about it.  I guess I have a major problem with people being negative all the time about everything.  I have always been open with feelings and my opinions as most of you know.  I have always been open to a fault and a few of you know this implicitly.  I sure hope all of my children grow up knowing that you will never get what you want unless you ask for it, and unless you're honest about you're feelings with those around you, you will suffer.
I realize in life that there are social games that people play.  I know that in business there are games that get played.  I'm even quite good at those games, but I hope that people from a social aspect always have a pretty good feeling of where they stand with me.  Things are easier for me than a lot of people though, because I truly do like the people I work with and I also like most of the people I'd call friends. I struggle more with family than friends, but they know that. (Dad/Mom/Roy - talking about extended.  Donna - not referring to you either.  Talking about being unfriended on FB by my aunt)
Why can't people just not be malicious/back stabbing and negative?  Wouldn't life be better for everyone if everyone just tried to get along, or better yet, thought about how they'd like to be treated in situations?  I'm confused as to why this is so hard for people.
This isn't going into a religious discussion, but rather a LOVE one.  Why can't we just all love each other?  Really LOVE. I'm not a hippie, but I do believe that the only thing we need to make the world a better place is a heart filled with love.  Stop bitching and bickering about every damn thing and start to think about how others feel, and what life is like for them for one minute.
If you think I'm writing this because of you, then you are totally right.  So stop it.

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