Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Couple of Reviews . . .

Samsung Galaxy Note:

So I've had it for a month or so, and I LOVE it.  I figured I'd feel this way eventually.  It is everything my Atrix was and more (including size).  The stylus has come in handy a lot for quick notes to myself.  Just this morning in a meeting a book title was referenced and I pulled out the stylus.  Also the quality of voice is MUCH better than the Atrix was; people don't tell me they can't understand me on the phone.  The camera is phenomenal and I love it.  Check out these pictures. It helps that they are beautiful things to take pictures of.

"Partials" by Dan Wells - This is another one of those books, I think is really good.  It's about a future world where people have been mostly eliminated after a war with Partials (created beings - created as war machines).  A virus that was created a weapon wiped out anyone that didn't have an immunity, so most humans, and babies have not been born since that were immune.  A few brave teenagers are trying to save the human race.  Anyway a good book worth reading or listening to in my opinion.

Accounting for Business Class:

Accounting scares me.  Seriously, I spent way too much time this week trying to figure things out, and it's week 1.  I am pretty nervous about it.

Will have a "new" iPad to review soon.

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