Saturday, March 3, 2012

First impressions. . .

you know something that I am really bad about.  I do get a first impression and then from that, sometimes very very seldom, I decide that a person is kreepy or yucky or whatever.  It makes me decide on a dime that I will have nothing to do with that person and it even means that maybe I will be completely annoyed with everything they say.  Is this normal behavior?  I think so, but is it nice, NOPE.  So today, we go to Bob Evans for breakfast, and there is a girl that seats us that I immediately decided I liked nothing "NOTHING" about her.  It is really unusual for me to be that way with a person, because most of the time I find some sort of beauty in everyone.  She also the girl that is checking us out as we're leaving and I was waiting behind this old lady who was paying.  The annoying girl, (well call her Windy - cuz she talked and talked) but she asked the old lady if she had a penny so she could give her back 80 cents instead of 79.  REALLY?  The old lady took about 5 minutes digging through her purse and this was one of those times where I was thinking I wish I had change...A PENNY...I was waiting on the lady to find a penny...This just added to my impression of the dumb Windy Girl.

And why am I talking about this?  BECAUSE it is part of my random thoughts, which I have a bunch of. furniture in my living room is what I call "grown up" furniture now.  I love it, but it reminds me of adults drinking wine and smoking cigars.  I know weird right...and yes I do drink my fair share of wine, but i smoke nothing...

Jennifer is having issues with her contacts, gotta try to help her figure it out.
HAVE a great day.

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Mary and Dawn said...

Oh good lord! Lol id be frustrated at that myself n I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Lol

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