Thursday, March 1, 2012


I had planned on giving everyone an update on Zach.  Even uploaded yucky pictures from yesterday, if you want them I have them.  I decided not to do that (well Zach is going to be fine).  I feel like I've been dwelling on the negatives lately, so gonna stop that.  Sure, my boy and I were up until 1:30 or so, but ya know what, we spent quality time together so ... how many other parents can say, yeah well the entire year that my child was twelve we spent tons of evening time together, and I even got to cuddle with him and rock him to sleep...Me..I can say that..

Today, I would like to talk about being ready for a Zombie Apocalypse. Here are some essentials that I think I  would need in no specific order:

My kids, they've thought about this way more than I have.
Flash lights
Bomb Shelter would be nice
An Ax/samurai sword - I think this would be important - got to cut them heads off with something
Duct Tape - Essential
Night vision something, so that you can go scavenge at night
A couple of good men to check on everything and stay on guard so I can sleep. (yeah, I'm not a feminist, I'm fine with guys taking care of me)

Notice that my list still doesn't have a gun.  This is because, I am a woman that does experience a normal amount (maybe more) of PMS, so  . . . no one around me would be safe if I carried a gun.

You know it would be great, too, if the smart people stayed alive and developed an app that would tell me where the safe zones are.

also, if you are not watching "The Walking Dead" then you are dead to me.  ;)

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