Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Peyton feelings...

Mr. Peyton Manning... You are and always will be dear to me. I have really felt bad about the idea of you leaving. I realize its "football" but the Colts to me are something bigger than merely football. To me it's more about a culture and a feeling.. Honestly this last year, I was okay with the losses.. Every team has an off year, and I understand the thought of retiring Peyton for a younger version. It's too bad with all the coaching changes that Mr. Irsay didn't get Peyton to accept an offensive coaching position. I am truly saddened by this.

Peyton, I love you and will have to root for another team also this year it seems..(as long as you don't replace Tom Brady:)) Mind you my Colts will have to remain first. I only wish the best for you.

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