Friday, March 2, 2012

Huntington Beach

I'm pretty excited now about our trip.  I was concerned and worried that I wouldn't want to go because of my boy not feeling so good again, but today he was feeling fairly good.  That made me start thinking about Thursday.  Woot!
A lot of you know, but this is my neo's Valentine's gift from me.  (My own gift too though, cuz I'm going too).. - Nicest hotel I have EVER stayed in.
Yeah, close to the beginning of our relationship he took me to California for the first time.  I did live in CA when I was five, but I had few memories of it.  Since the first trip, I think we've visited a half a dozen more times, and I would move there if the right opportunity presented itself.
This time while we're there we are visiting  Venice Beach.  I am excited for this, as I've never been there, and I'm told it's rad.  (Okay rad is my word, but it was rad or totally tubular, so I went with rad.)
Looking forward to the dry coolness, sounds, breezes, smells and overall feeling of being home.  I know it's weird to think of a place as home when you don't live there.  I guess maybe myself and Lugar have this in common, maybe I could run for Senator of CA.  I would tell you that if I was elected, I would definitely buy something there..(it'd have to be a shack, but I think I might be okay with that).

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