Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random stuff

Well check one off the bucket list. . . .
I have been punched now, three times...and while I'm a little bruised, I am totally good with it.

I really don't have a desire to be punched again, but I don't think I'm completely against it either.  Maybe I'll take up boxing. I have been trying to decide which thing I want to obsess over next.

People are really funny.  The interpretation of how things happen and the ways you can act with one person, are clearly not the same for each person.

I am so excited for this upcoming weekend.  I get to spend some time with the Neo's grandkids and son.  Also, it's Lucy's birthday party (she turns one tomorrow).  I was hoping to have some Jenn time, too, but a no go..which is okay, I'll see her in a few weekends.  I miss David and Jenn so badly sometimes.  I remember so many kid things and so many hugs and kisses..and now..the time is so spread out between that I get to see and hug and kiss them...Feels like I had too much empty nest to early in life.. I should be completely ready for Zach to move out someday, but I may just hang on to him forever.  Zach's been with his dad this week, and I miss him horribly too.  He's been texting a lot though; I think he misses me too.  He comes home Friday, too, so this weekend should be great.

I can not wait to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update on my phone.  Hurry up already.  

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