Tuesday, April 10, 2012

STOP being Stupid!

I'm not sure how long I can feel like this.  I get that it's my choice, but just when I choose to be happy, I hear something that reverts me back to not happy.  Anyway, I don't feel like smiling or being happy.  I feel like crying and being sad.  I do have to say this...So many people are just plain STUPID.

Maybe it's easier for me to think this way, but really I just listen to people or hear something someone has said, and I think why do you have to be like that.  What is wrong with you?  Did your momma drop you on your head?  Right now, that's about the only thing that makes me smile, my own internal thoughts.  I know that I'm bitter and upset and a little concerned that depression is setting in. Now know this too, I can think you're stupid and still find love in my heart for you.  People really do not think about the reality of the situation.  We live, and then we die.  What matters is what happens to those you leave behind.  How do you impact those people?  We do not have to live with so much hate in our hearts.  We do not have to hate at all.  BTW..I can think you're stupid and not have any bad feelings toward you at all.

Some people think it's okay to start rumors or to hurt people, and I just don't get that.  I don't get at all why one person would want to maliciously hurt another.  Do you really not have enough to do in your life or excitement in your life that you think it's okay to hurt another person?  Would you want that person to do or say that of you?  Seriously, why is the golden rule so hard for people to follow?  If you wouldn't be okay if someone did or said something about you, then don't do or say something about them?  I really do NOT understand how we all got so damn screwed up.  The only thing that matters on this earth, is our relationships with others.  The only thing that matters is the love you have and feel.  Gosh DARN it people...Love each other before it's too late.  Let people grieve in peace and just show compassion and love.

I know a lot of people are gonna read this, and they're going to wonder what I'm talking about or who.  Well stop wondering.  I'm talking about you.  Make someone happy today. Tell them you love them and hold them dear.  Make your life happy and fruitful without having to hurt anyone.  Stop being Stupid.

Love to all

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