Friday, April 20, 2012

Honking Fools....Really? Chillaxe people..

I believe cars need to be made with NO freakin' horns.  Seriously, this message is to all the people in Lebanon.  I am so sick of your stupid car attitudes.  Grow up.  When I pull out and clearly you were not going to run into me, don't honk you damn horn at me.  Also, if I'm stopped at a stop sign trying to pull out on 39 at 5pm and there are cars both ways, I WILL pull out when I want to, not when you want me to, so shut the freak up.  I do not like the horn honking that takes place there, what the hell are so many people worried about.  If you are that concerned about being somewhere on time then leave earlier.  Geezzz...or or how about you just don't freak out about DUMB stuff.  Chillaxe people.  Really.......

This is part of the reason I like California way more than Indiana.  I'm not sure what makes a culture think they have to be in this huge hurry, but it's going to end up killing people, so slow down and stop being so concerned about driving fast and getting there quickly.  Enjoy life, enjoy the scene, enjoy your drive and leave me the hell alone.  If you can't enjoy that's fine, but you do NOT have to ruin everyone elses day.  When you honk at me, or anyone else, you just look like a jackass, so stop it.

Also, you do not have to race me to get into the McDonald's line.  They now have two lanes, and your racing doesn't do anything...I'll gladly let your dumb ass in front of me, so stop it.  Yeah, I'm serious people, it's FRIDAY and I like taking at easy, and smiling and waving and having a laid back time of things.  Why can't we all just be...BE....calm will be okay...Unless I have to punch you in the damn neck for pissing me off.  I have had a busy crazy week, and I don't feel like messing with your stupid honking ass on a Friday morning.  GOT it...

Thank you

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